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Full text of "Statutes and rules for the British Museum : made by the trustees in pursuance of the Act of Incorporation, 26 George II, cap. 22, ss. XV."

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(ft .-3, (*y 






Natural History Museum Library 







In Pursuance of the Act of Incorporation 
26 George II., Cap. 22, § xv. 

10th Decembei r , 1898. 







Meetings, Functions, and Privileges of the Trustees . 7 


The Director and Principal Librarian . . . .10 

Duties as Secretary and Accountant . . . .12 
The Director of the Natural History Departments . 14 


Subordinate Officers : 

Keepers and Assistant Keepers 15 

Superintendent of the Reading Room . . . .17 

Assistants . . . 17 

Chief Messengers . . . . . . . .18 

Attendance of Officers at Meetings, etc. . . -19 


Admission to the British Museum : 

Reading Room 20 

Use of the Collections 21 



Security of the Museum : 

Precautions against Fire, etc. 


Succession of Trustees and Officers . 
Succession of Officers in Departments 




Of the Meetings, Functions, and Privileges 
of the Trustees. 

1. General Meetings of the Trustees shall chap. r. 
be held four times in the year ; on the second Meetings. 
Saturday in May and December at the 
Museum (Bloomsbury) and on the fourth 
Saturday in February and July at the Museum 
(Natural History). 

2. Special General Meetings shall be sum- 
moned by the Director and Principal Librarian 
(hereinafter called the Director), upon receiving 
notice in writing to that effect signed by two 

3. There shall be a Standing Committee, standing 

. . r 1 1 t-» • • 1 t> 1 Committee. 

consisting 01 the three Principal 1 rustees, the 
Trustee appointed by the Crown, and sixteen 
other Trustees to be annually appointed at the 
General Meeting held on the second Saturday 
in May. 

4. Vacancies in the Standing Committee 
shall be from time to time filled up at a 
General Meeting. 


chap. I. 5- Ordinary business shall be transacted 
standing by the Standing" Committee, meeting at the 

Committee. J S & 

Museum (Bloomsbury) or the Museum 
(Natural History), three Members at least 
being present. The Committee shall report 
their proceedings to General Meetings held at 
that branch of the British Museum to which 
these refer. 

6. The Standing Committee shall have 
power to affix the Seal of the Corporation to 
documents requiring it. 

7. They shall inquire, as often as they think 
fit, into the conduct of the Officers, Assistants, 
Attendants and Servants of the Museum, and 
give directions accordingly. 

8. They may grant to the Officers leave of 
absence (consistently with the Order in Council 
of 15th August, 1890), provided that such 
absence, unless for special cause, do not 
extend beyond the space of eight weeks in 
the year, and that in the case of the Museum 
(Bloomsbury) two at least of the Keepers of 
departments, having houses within the precincts, 
be always in residence : provided also that the 
Keeper and the Assistant Keeper or Assistant 
Keepers of a department be not absent at the 
same time. 

9. The Standing Committee shall also have 
power to order payment of all pecuniary 
demands upon the Trustees. 


10. All moneys belonging to the Funds chap. i. 
Account of the Trustees shall be kept at the Account. 
Bank of England. 

11. The Standing Committee shall have Sub- 

^ ,. , 0 . , 0 i Committees. 

power to appoint Ordinary and bpecial bub- 
Committees. Every Sub-Committee, unless 
for special cause, shall consist of not more than 
nine Trustees, three of whom at least shall be 
Members of the Standing Committee. Two 
Members of a Sub-Committee shall be a 
Quorum, of whom one at least shall be a 
Member of the Standing Committee. 

12. At every General Meeting, as well as at chairman of 
every Meeting of the Standing Committee or Meetings - 
of a Sub-Committee, the Trustee first called to 

the Chair shall, unless for special cause, occupy 
it so long as he is present at the Meeting. 

13. There shall be a general Visitation of visitations, 
the Museum (Bloomsbury) by the Trustees 

every year on the second Saturday in May, 
and of the Museum (Natural History) on the 
fourth Saturday in July. Other visitations at 
either Museum shall be held on such day or 
days as the Trustees at a General Meeting, or 
the Standing Committee, may appoint. 

] 4. Any Trustee shall have free access to Privileges, 
every part of the British Museum during 
Museum hours. 




Director and 



Rules relative to the Director and Principal 
Libraj'ian, and the Dii'ector of the 
Natural History Departments. 

1. The Director and all other persons having 
houses within the precincts of the Museum 
(Bloomsbury) shall reside therein, unless leave 
of absence be granted by the Standing Com- 

2. The Director, being, by the Act of In- 
corporation, the person to whom the care and 
custody of the British Museum is chiefly en- 
trusted : — 

( i . ) Shall be responsible for the safety 
of the Museums, and of the Property 
and Collections therein. 

(2.) Shall exercise a general super- 
intendence over all the Departments at 
Bloomsbury ; and shall take care that 
the Officers, Assistants, Attendants, 
and Servants be regular in their attend- 
ance and perform their proper duties ; 
and shall report every omission in this 
respect to the Standing Committee. 

(3.) Shall make such remarks on the 
Reports of the Officers as he may think 
proper for the information of the 

T I 

(4.) Shall grant admission into the chap. II. 
Museum (Bloomsbury) to persons of ^^ an< 
eminence either for learning or rank, Llbrarian> 
especially foreigners, desiring to inspect 
the Collections, but not able con- 
veniently to avail themselves of the 
usual mode of admission. 

(5.) Shall take care that the Museum 
(Bloomsbury) be kept open during the 
appointed hours ; and that due order 
and propriety of behaviour be observed 
by all persons, whether visitors or 

(6.) Shall grant admission into the 
Reading Room and other Students' 
' Rooms of the several Departments, 
and into the Sculpture Galleries at 
Bloomsbury ; and shall provide that 
such facilities be afforded to the 
Readers and Students as are consistent 
with the security and preservation of 
the Collections. 

(7.) Shall communicate to the Officers 
and others the orders of the Trustees ; 
and shall see that they be duly carried 
into effect. 

(8.) Shall be the Editor of the 
44 Guides" to the Collections ; shall see 
that they be prepared and printed in 
accordance with such directions as may, 
from time to time, be given him by the 


Standing Committee ; and shall take 
care that a sufficient supply- of copies 
be always ready to meet the public 

(9.) Shall be in attendance when the 
Museum shall be visited by the 
Sovereign or by any members of the 
Royal Family, or by Royal Personages 
of other countries. 

(io.) The Director shall give securi- 
ties for the due discharge of his office 
to the amount of 10,000/. : that is to 
say, his own bond for 5,000/., and two 
other securities in a joint and several 
bond to the amount of 5,000/. 

3. In case of the death or sickness of the 
Director, the senior Officer in residence shall 
exercise his functions. 

4. It is the duty of the Director in the 
capacity of Secretary : — 

(1.) To attend all meetings of the 
Trustees ; to take down the minutes of 
their proceedings at Bloomsbury ; to 
prepare lists of accounts due from the 
Trustees and payable from the Par- 
liamentary Grant, to be submitted for 
approval at each meeting of the Stand- 
ing Committee, and to take care that 
orders for payment are duly made upon 
the Paymaster-General ; to conduct the 

CHAP. 11. 

Director and 




correspondence of the Trustees ; to chap ii. 
issue all summonses for meetings ; to Director and 

° Principal 

notify to the Principal Trustees the Librarian, 
vacancies which may occur in the 
establishment ; and also to take the 
chief charge of all records and other 
documents connected with the business 
of the Trust. 

(2.) To make all payments on account 
of the Museum from the Funds Account 
at the Bank of England ; he is there- 
fore empowered to sign Cheques for 
payments from that Account ; and of 
these payments he is to keep an exact 
statement, which shall be laid before the 
Standing Committee at the close of each 
financial year. 

(3.) To examine and check all bills 
sent in by tradespeople, and certify that 
the articles have been ordered under 
proper authority, that the charges are 
duly made, and that the computations 
are accurate. 

(4.) To keep a weekly account of all 
work done for the Trust paid otherwise 
than by fixed monthly or annual 
salaries ; and to certify that such work 
has been duly authorised, and that the 
charges are accurate. 

(5.) To keep an account of all books 
connected with the Museum(Bloomsbury) 

chap. ii. published by the Trustees, and of the 

Principal^ number of copies delivered and disposed 

Librarian - of ; and periodically to ascertain that the 

stock in hand corresponds with the 
account, and also to receive the moneys 
due from booksellers and other persons. 

Director of the 5- The Director of the Natural History 
H^tory Departments shall perform duties at the 

Departments. Natural History Museum connected with 
custody and superintendence, the admission of 
Visitors and Students, editing Guides, and 
keeping accounts of publications, similar to 
those discharged by the Director at the Museum 
(Bloomsbury). He shall attend all meetings 
of the Trustees held at the Natural History 
Museum, and he shall attend all meetings at 
Bloomsbury whenever any business relating to 
the Natural History Departments is to be 
transacted ; and he shall take down the minutes 
of the proceedings of the Trustees at their 
meetings at the Natural History Museum. 



Rules relative lo the Subordinate Officers, 
Assistants, Attendants and Servants. 

1. The Subordinate Officers are to assist chap. hi. 
the Director of the British Museum and the ^^ nate 
Director of the Natural History Departments 

in the care and custody of the Museums ; they 
are strictly enjoined to give immediate notice 
if any article in the Museum be lost or damaged ; 
to be careful that everything within their 
Departments be at all times preserved in good 
and exact order ; that full and accurate 
Catalogues or Lists be made and kept, 
comprising every article under their care ; and 
that the rooms of their Departments be neat 
and clean. 

2. They shall give the whole of their time, 
subject to any regulations which may from 
time to time be made by the Standing Com- 
mittee, to the service of the Museum and the 
discharge of the proper duties of their several 
Departments ; and they shall not be absent 
from the Museum without giving previous 
notice in writing to the Director or to the 
Director of the Natural History Departments, 
and to the senior Officer of their Departments. 

3. The Keepers or, in their absence, the Keepers and 

a it- 1 11 1 1 1 t-» Assistant- 

Assistant Keepers, shall make monthly Reports Keepers. 


chap. in. to the Standing Committee on the progress of 
Assistant^ 101 ^ e business in their Departments, and, within 
Keepers. j-j^ fj rst fortnight after Christmas of every 
year, lay before the Standing Committee 
annual Reports as well on the business done 
in their Departments as on the nature and 
extent of the Additions made to the Collections 
under their care. 

4. The Keepers of Departments shall see 
that every article bequeathed or presented to 
the Trustees of the British Museum be dis- 
tinguished by marking on it or attaching to it 
the name of the Person bequeathing or pre- 
senting the same, with the date of its recep- 
tion in the Museum. 

5. The Keepers of Departments shall 
take care that the Assistant Keepers, Assist- 
ants, Attendants and Servants, be regular in 
their attendance and perform their proper 
duties, and shall report every omission in this 
respect to the Director or to the Director of 
the Natural History Departments. They shall 
not grant to any Assistant, Attendant or 
Servant, leave of absence from the Museum 
for a whole day, without first obtaining in that 
behalf the consent of the Director or of the 
Director of the Natural History Departments. 

6. The Keepers and Assistant Keepers 
shall, if required by the Standing Committee, 
have their usual abode within one mile of the 


7- The Keepers of Departments shall see chap. hi. 
that every article received into their custody AsSstant 
be duly stamped with the Museum stamp or Keepers, 
otherwise marked as the property of the 
British Museum. 

8. The Keeper of the Printed Books shall 
superintend and enforce the delivery of the 
Books and other publications under the Copy- 
right Act. 

9. The Superintendent of the Reading Room TheSuperin- 
shall attend in the Reading Room during the Reading 

, , . . , Room. 

hours when it is open, and on no account 
leave it, unless some other person or persons 
specially appointed by the Director attend in 
his place. 

10. The Superintendent shall keep a 
Register of the names of all persons who are 
duly admitted into the Reading Room ; and 
shall not allow others to enter it. He shall 
keep order in the Room and see that Readers 
be provided with the books and other publica- 
tions which they may require ; and he shall 
take care that they do no damage to them. 

1 1 . The Assistants, being under the Assistants, 
immediate direction of the senior Officer of 

the Department in which they are employed, 
shall not absent themselves from the Museum 
without leave from him first obtained. Every 
Assistant shall keep a Diary, wherein he shall 
daily enter the business on which he is 
engaged, and the hours of his attendance, 







especially recording his absence from the 
Museum during any part of the day. - All such 
Diaries shall be inspected and signed at the 
beginning of each month by the senior Officer 
of the Department and forthwith transmitted 
by him, with such observations as he shall 
think fit, to the Director, or to the Director of 
the Natural History Departments. 

12. The Chief Messenger at each Museum 
shall superintend the Attendants and Servants ; 
he shall keep a daily Register of their 
attendance, and report to the proper Officer 
every instance of negligence or misbehaviour. 
He shall keep an account as well of Letters 
and Parcels received and delivered as of the 
charges on the same, and of such other 
expenses as are usually included in a petty cash 
account. He shall see that no persons be 
improperly admitted into the interior of the 
Museum. He shall be careful that the fires be 
extinguished at the proper time; and for this 
purpose he shall take care that, immediately 
after the closing of the Museum, all the rooms 
in which fires have been lighted shall be 
visited. He shall also take care that, in the 
evening, the windows and doors be properly 
secured and the Museum left in a state of 
safety. He shall receive the House-keys from 
persons who have the use of them, when they 
leave the Museum ; and shall report to the 
Director, or to the Director of the Natural 


History Departments, any irregularity in this chap. hi. 
respect chief 

r * Messengers. 

13. Every Officer shall be in readiness to Attendance of 
give attendance, if required, at the Meetings of Meetings of 
the Trustees; and he shall remain within the 
precincts of the Museum during the time of 

every General Visitation. 

14. No person appointed to any office or other Offices 
employment in the Museum shall hold any without 
other office, or engage in other business, with- i 3ermisslon - 
out the permission of the Standing Committee. 

15. In framing these regulations, the Trustees General 

. ... , r , , r Instruction. 

are aware that it is impossible for them to define 
the duty of each Officer with a sufficient degree 
of precision for all possible emergencies ; in 
addition, therefore, to the above rules, it is to 
be considered as a general instruction to the 
several Officers that they conduct themselves as 
becomes men of honour, integrity and liberality, 
in the conscientious discharge of the duties of 
their respective stations, and as men who have 
the credit and utility of the British Museum 
truly at heart. 

C 2 



Concerning Admission to the British Museum. 


1. The Holidays to be observed at the 
British Museum are Christmas Day, Good 
Friday, and every special Fast or Thanks- 
giving day appointed by authority. 

2. With the exception of certain rooms 
which will be closed on particular days for 
the purpose of the arrangement of the Collec- 
tions, and for the visits of such persons as 
may be admitted, under Rule 9, to examine 
any part of the Collections more minutely than 
can be done on the public days, the Museum 
shall be open every day excepting on the 
holidays above-mentioned. 

3. The hours for viewing the Collections 
shall be such as the Standing Committee may 
from time to time appoint. 

4. Any person desiring to view the Collec- 
tions may be required to inscribe his name and 
place of abode in a book to be kept in the 
Entrance Hall for that purpose. 

5. Visitors are to be decent and orderly in 
their appearance and behaviour ; otherwise the 
Officers are to exclude them or cause them to 

6. The Reading Room of the Museum 
(Bloomsbury) shall be kept open on every 

2 I 

day of the week except Sunday, and except chap. iv. 
Good Friday, Christmas Day, and any Fast J*^ ng 
or Thanksgiving Day appointed by authority ; 
except also the first four week-days of March 
and September ; from nine in the morning till 
eight in the evening from September to April 
inclusive, and till seven during the other 

7. Any person desiring to be admitted into 
the Reading Room is to apply in writing to 
the Director, specifying his profession or 
business, his place of abode, and the purpose 
for which he seeks admission ; his application 
must be accompanied by a written recom- 
mendation satisfactory to the Director, who, 
thereupon, may grant to him admission or 
refer the application to the Trustees at their 
next Meeting. 

8. No person is to write or make any mark 
whatsoever on any book, map, or other docu- 
ment. The permission to use the Reading 
Room will be immediately withdrawn from 
any one infringing this rule. 

9. Persons engaged in works of learning or Special Rules 
in the prosecution of useful designs, desiring to Collections, 
examine any part of the Collections with more 
attention than can be done in the ordinary 

way of viewing the Museums or using the 
Reading Room, are to apply in writing to the 
Director, or to the Director of the Natural 
History Departments, who may grant per- 


chap. iv. mission, or refer the application to the Standing 

Ifusing R the S Committee at their next Meeting. 

Collections. 1Q No part of the Collections ' shall be 

carried out of the precincts of the Museums, 
documents and other articles required to be 
produced in evidence only excepted. In such 
cases application shall be made to the Standing 
Committee at their next meeting, or, in urgent 
cases, to the Director, or to the Director of 
the Natural History Departments. If the 
application be granted, one of the Keepers or 
Assistant Keepers, or one of the Assistants, 
shall carry out such document or other article 
and keep it constantly in his custody, allowing 
it to be inspected only in his presence. 

1 1. Members of the Royal Academy, Artists 
and Students, may be admitted into the 
Museum (Bloomsbury) for the purpose of 
copying sculptures or other objects of art. 
Any person desiring to be admitted into the 
Museum for such purpose or for the purpose 
of study in the Students' Rooms of the several 
Departments, is to apply in writing to the 
Director, specifying his profession or business, 
and his place of abode, and, if not a Member of 
the Royal Academy, accompanying his letter 
with a written recommendation satisfactory to 
the Director, who, thereupon, may grant 
admission, or refer the application to the 
Trustees at their next Meeting. 

12. The rules for the admission of Students 


at the Natural History Museum shall, so far chap. iv. 
as circumstances admit, be the same as those f 0 ? e uSng\he 

at Bloomsbliry. Collections. 

13. The privilege of admission to the Read- 
ing Room or any Department of the British 
Museum is in all cases granted upon condition 
that it may be at any time suspended by the 
Director, or by the Director of the Natural 
History Departments; and that it may be at 
any time withdrawn by the Trustees in their 
absolute discretion. 

14. No Attendant or Servant shall, on any No Fee 

1 ~ r 1 r Allowable. 

pretence, take any fee, reward or gratuity from 
persons visiting the Museum or using the 


Concerning the Security of the British Museum. 

1. The Director shall take special care that chap. v. 
the regulations made from time to time by the "t Fire 
Trustees for the warding, patrolling, and Ac'-jcnL 
general safeguarding of the British Museum 

from the danger of theft, or fire, or other 
accidents, be strictly enforced. 

2. The Director of the Natural History 


Departments shall likewise see that such regu- 
lations be enforced at the Museum (Natural 

3. In order that the Museum (Bloomsbury) 
may at no time be left without a proper Officer 
responsible for its safety and duly authorised 
to give orders in case of fire or other accidents, 
some one of the resident Keepers shall always 
remain within the precincts of the Museum, 
who, in the absence of the Director, shall be 
responsible for the safety of the Museum, and 
of the Property and Collections therein, and 
shall have authority to give orders in case of 
fire or other accidents. The two Keepers who 
are required to be always in residence (Chap. I., 
§ 8) shall both remain within the precincts 
during the night. The Director shall see that 
these rules be strictly enforced. 

4. At the Museum (Natural History) one at 
least of the resident servants shall always 
remain within the precincts. 

5. Every Subordinate Officer shall pay par- 
ticular attention to the security of his Depart- 
ment ; and shall take care that, at the hours of 
closing, the fires be extinguished or left so as 
not to be dangerous. 

6. Whenever it is necessary to bring port- 
able lights into the Museums they shall be 
carried in lanterns to be specially provided for 
that purpose. 

7. The Director and the Director of the 


that the fire-extinguishing apparatus at the 1 
two Museums be continually kept in good a 

Natural History Departments shall take care chap. v. 

against h ire 
and other 
^v^^. Accents. 

order ; and that the reservoirs be always in a 
state fit for service. 

8. Printed Regulations for the General 
Security of the British Museum shall from 
time to time be placed in the hands of the 
Resident Officers, the Messengers, the Clerk of 
the Works, and such other persons as the 
Director or the Director of the Natural History 
Departments shall think fit. 






Forty-nine ; viz. 24 by Office, 1 by the Appointment of the 
Crown, 9 by Family Appointment, and ] 5 Elected. 


Three Principal Trustees. 

The Archbishop of Canterbury 
The Lord Chancellor .... 

The Speaker of the House of Commons 

Names, 1898. 
Frederick Temple. 
Hardinge Stanley, Earl of 

The Right Hon. William 

Court Gully. 

And Twenty -one others. 

The Lord President of the Council . . Spencer Compton, Duke of 

Devonshire, K.G. 

The First Lord of the Treasury . . . The Right Hon. Arthur 

James Balfour, M.P. 

The Lord Privy Seal Richard Asshcton, Viscount 

Cross, G.C.B., G.CS.I. 

The First Lord of the Admiralty . . . The Right PI on. George 

Joachim Goschen, M.P. 


The Lord Steward 

The Lord Chamberlain 

The Principal Secretaries of State 

The Bishop of London 

The Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

The Lord Chief Justice of England 

The Master of the Rolls .... 

The Attorney-General ..... 

The Solicitor-General 

The President of the Royal Society 

The President of the Royal College of 

Physicians . . . 
The President of the Society of Antiquaries . 

The President of the Royal Academy . 

Names, 1898. 

Sidney, Earl of Pembroke 
and Montgomery, G.C.V.O. 

John Adrian Louis, Earl of 
Hopetoun, G.C.M.G. 

'The Right Hon. Sir Matthew 
White Ridley, Bart., M.P. 

Robert Arthur Talbot, Mar- 
quess of Salisbury, K.G. 

The Right Hon. Joseph 
Chamberlain, M.P. 

Henry Charles Keith, Mar- 
quess of Lansdowne, K.G. 

The Right Hon. Lord George 
Francis Hamilton, M.P. 

Mandell Creighton. 

The Right Hon. Sir Michael 
Edward Hicks-Beach, Bart., 

Charles, Lord Russell of Kil- 

lowen, G.C.M.G. 
The Right Hon. Sir Nathaniel 

Sir Richard Everard Webster, 

G.C.M.G., M.P. 
Sir Robert Bannatyne Finlay, 


Joseph, Lord Lister. 

Sir Samuel W T ilks, Bart. 
Harold Arthur, Viscount 

Sir Edward John Poynter. 


1832 H.R.H. William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh, K.G. 

1834 Hugh, Duke of Northumberland, K.G. 

1847 H.R.H. Adolphus Frederick, Duke of Cambridge, K.G. 

1859 The Rev. William Cureton, D.D. 

2 9 

1864 The Hon. and Very Rev. Gerald Valerian Wellesley, Dean of Windsor. 
1 88 1 H.R.H. Prince Leopold George Duncan Albert, Duke of Albany, 
K.G., K.T. 

1884 The Very Rev. Randall Thomas Davidson, Dean of Windsor (Bishop 
of Rochester, afterwards of Winchester). 


Sloane Family, 2. 

1753 Charles, Lord Cadogan. 
Hans Stanley, Esq. 

1779 Charles Sloane, Lord Cadogan (Earl 

Cadogan)* v. Charles, Lord Cadogan. 

1780 The Right Hon. Welbore Ellis (Lord 

Mendip) v. Hans Stanley. 

1803 Hans Sloane . . . . .v. Lord Mendip. 
1833 George, Earl Cadogan, C.B. . v. Charles Sloane, Earl Cado- 


1835 Right Hon. Edward Geoffrey, Lord 

Stanley (Earl of Derby, K.G.) . v. Hans Sloane. 

1864 Henry Charles, Earl Cadogan . . v. George, Earl Cadogan. 

1866 Right Hon. Edward Henry, Lord 

Stanley (Earl of Derby, K.G., v. Edward Geoffrey, Earl of 
G.C.M.G.) . . . . . Derby. 

1873 George Henry, Earl Cadogan (K.G.) . v. Henry Charles, Earl Ca- 

1893 Frederick Arthur, Earl of Derby v. Edward Henry, Earl of 
(K.G.), G.C.B Derby. 

Cotton Family, 2. 

1753 Samuel Burroughs. 
■ Thomas Hart. 

1757 Philip, Earl of Hardwicke . . .v. Thomas Hart. 
1764 Velters Cornewall . . . . v. S. Burroughs. 
Hon. Charles Yorke . . . .v. Earl of Hardwicke. 

* The vacancy on the death of the first Earl Cadogan in 1S07 was not filled until 1S33. 


1768 John Bosworth, D.D. . 
1770 Francis Barrell . 
1772 Francis Annesley 
1786 Sir George Cornewall, Bart. 
1 81 2 Rev. Arthur Annesley 
1 819 George Booth Tyndale 
1845 Rev. Francis Annesley 
1855 George Annesley 
1872 Rev. Francis Hanbury Annesley. 
1882 Rev. Sir George Henry Cornewall, 

v. Velters Cornewall. 

v. Hon. Charles Yorke. 

v. Francis Barrell. 

v. J. Bosworth, D.D. 

v. Francis Annesley. 

v. Sir George Cornewall, Bart. 

v. Rev. Arthur Annesley. 

v. George Booth Tyndale. 

v. George Annesley. 

v. Rev. Francis Annesley. 

Harley Family, 2. 

1753 William, Duke of Portland, K.G. 

Edward, Earl of Oxford and Earl 

1755 Edward, Earl of Oxford 
1764 William Henry, Duke of Portland, 

(k.g.) . . 

1793 William Henry, Marquess of Titchfield 

(Duke of Portland) 
813 Right Hon. George Canning 
829 Lord Henry William Cavendish 

Bentinck . . . . . 
Right Hon. George James Welbore 

Agar Ellis (Lord Dover) 
834 John Frederick, Earl Cawdor 
860 Charles John, Earl Canning, (K.G.), 


862 George Granville Francis, Earl of 

Ellesmere . . 
871 Right Hon. Lord Henry Charles George 

Gordon Lennox, M.P. . 
(Right Hon.) George Augustus Frederick 

Cavendish Bentinck, M.P. 
886 Lord Henry Cavendish Bentinck, M.P. 

891 William George Cavendish Bentinck . 

Earl of Oxford. 

Duke of Portland. 

Earl of Oxford. 
Duke of Portland. 
Right Hon. George Can- 

Duke of Portland, retired. 
Lord Dover. 

v. Earl Cawdor. 

Earl Canning. 

v. Earl of Ellesmere. 

v. Lord Henry W. Cavendish 

v. Right Hon. Lord H. C. G. 

Gordon Lennox. 
v. Right Hon. G. A. F. 

Cavendish Bentinck. 


Towneley Family, i. 


Edward Townley Standish. 


John Towneley .... 

. v. 

E. 1 ownley Standish. 


Richard Payne Knight 

. v. 

J. Towneley. 


Peregrine Edward Townley . 

. v. 

R. Payne Knight. 


Charles Towneley 

. V. 

P. E. Townley. 


John Towneley .... 

. V. 

C. Towneley. 


Thomas, Lord O'Hagan, K.P. . 

> V. 

J. Towneley. 


Montagu Arthur, Earl of Abingdon 

. V. 

Thomas, Lord O'Hagan. 

Earls of Elgin, 1. 

1816 Thomas, Earl of Elgin and Kincardine. 

1 841 James, Earl of Elgin and Kincardine (K.T., G.C.B.). 

1870 Victor Alexander, Earl of Elgin and Kincardine (K.G.). 

Knight Family, 1. 

1824 Thomas Andrew Knight. 

1838 John Knight 

1850 Frederic Winn Knight, C.B., M.P. 

(Sir F. W. Knight, K.C.B.) . 
1897 Captain Charles Louis William Morley 

Knight . . . 

v. T. A. Knight. 
v. J. Knight. 

v. Sir Frederic Winn Knight. 



[Those marked with an * are Trustees in Office, 1898.] 

' Archibald, Duke of Argyll. 
Hugh, Earl of Northumberland (Duke of 
Northumberland, K.G.). 
First Lord Charles Cavendish. 
Election, \ Hugh, Lord Willoughby of Parham. 
1753. Hon. Philip Yorke, M.P. (Earl of Hardwicke). 
Sir George Lyttelton, Bart., M.P. (Lord 

^Sir John Evelyn, Part. 



'William Sloane. 
James West (P.R.S.). 
Nicholas Hardinge. 
Charles Gray. 
Colonel William Sotheby. 
Thomas Birch, D.D. 
John Ward, LL.D. 

William Watson (Sir W. Watson, F.R.S.). 

1 76 1 Right Hon. Arthur Onslow 
Gustavus Brander . . . 

1765 John, Earl of Bute, K.G. . 

James Harris .... 

Daniel Wray ..... 

1766 Charles Lyttelton, Bishop of Carlisle . 

Matthew Duane .... 

T767 Hans Sloane . 

1768 William, Earl of Bessborough 

1769 Hon. Edwin Sandys (Lord Sandys) 

1772 Richard Kaye, D.D. (Sir R. Kaye, 


1773 Henry Cavendish .... 

1 783 (Right Hon.) Sir William Hamilton, K.B. 
Sir William Musgrave, Bart. 

1784 Rev. Clayton Mordaunt Cracherode . 

■ Thomas Tyrwhitt .... 

1787 Heneage, Earl of Aylesford 

George, Earl of Leicester (Marquess 

Townshend) .... 

John Douglas, D.D. (Bishop of 

Salisbury) . 

Thomas Astle ..... 

1 791 Charles Townley .... 

George John, Earl Spencer (K.G.) 

1793 Augustus Henry, Duke of Grafton, 
K.G. ...... 

Right Hon. Frederick Montagu 

1797 Right Hon. Lord Frederick Campbell . 

1799 Shute Barrington, Bishop of Durham . 

v. Duke of Argyll. 
v. Nicholas Hardinge. 
v. John Ward, LL.D. 
v. Sir John Evelyn, Bart. 
v. Lord Willoughby of Par- 

v. Thomas Birch, D.D. 
v. Col. William Sotheby. 
v. William Sloane. 
v. Right Hon. Arthur Onslow. 
v. Bishop of Carlisle. 

v. James West. 

v. Lord Lyttelton. 

v. James Harris. 

v. Charles Gray. 

v. Lord Charles Cavendish. 

v. Daniel Wray. 

v. Matthew Duane. 

v. Duke of Northumberland. 

v. Thomas Tyrwhitt. 
v. Gustavus Brander. 
v. Sir William Watson. 
v. Earl of Hardwicke. 

v Earl of Bute. 

v. Earl of Bessborough. 

v. Lord Sandys. 

v. Rev. C. M. Cracherode. 

1800 John, Marquess of Bute 

1 80 1 Alexander, Earl of Rosslyn . 

1802 Philip, Earl of Hardwicke (K.G.) 

1804' Right Hon. Sir William Scott, M.R 
(Lord Stowell) .... 
Right Hon. George Rose . 

1805 Alteyne, Lord St. Helens (G.C.H.) . 
George, Earl Macartney, K.B. 

1806 George Granville, Marquess of Stafford, 

K.G. (Duke of Sutherland) . 

1807 William Wyndham, Lord Grenville 

1 8 10 Thomas Dampier, Bishop of Ely 
George, Viscount St. Asaph (Earl of 

Ashburnham, K.G.) 

181 1 Dudley, Earl of Harrowby . 

18 1 2 Sylvester, Lord Glenbervie . 

Right Hon. Charles Long (Lord 

Farnborough, G.C.B.) . 
George, Earl of Aberdeen (KG.), K.T. 

1815 John Henry, Duke of Rutland, K.G. . 

1 8 16 Henry Bankes .... 
181 8 Charles, Lord Colchester . 

1823 Sir George Howland Beaumont, Bart. . 

1826 John Jeffrey, Marquess Camden, K.G. . 

1827 Henry, Marquess of Lansdovvne (K.G.) 

1829 Alexander Baring, M.P. (Lord Ash- 


1830 Right Hon. Thomas Grenville 

John, Earl of Eldon .... 

1833 Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel, Bart. 

1834 Alexander, Duke of Hamilton (K.G.) . 
. Edward, Earl of Derby (K.G.) . 

. (Right Hon.) Sir Robert Harry Inglis, 

Bart., M.P. . . , . 

William Vesey, Lord Fitzgerald and 


v. Sir William Musgrave, 

v. Right Hon. Frederick Mon- 

v. Hans Sloane, appointed a 
Family Trustee. 

v. Sir William Hamilton. 
v. Thomas Astle. 
v. Earl of Rosslyn. 
v. Charles Townley. 

v. Earl Macartney. 
v. Bishop of Salisbury. 
v. Sir Richard Kaye, Bart. 

v. Henry Cavendish. 

v. Duke of Grafton. 

v. Marquess Townshend. 

v. Bishop of Ely. 
v. Earl of Aylesford. 
v. Marquess of Bute. 
v. Lord Frederick Campbell. 
v. Right Hon. George Rose. 
v. Lord Glenbervie. 
v. Bishop of Durham. 
v. Sir George H. Beaumont 

v. Lord Colchester. 
V. Lord Stowell, retired. 
v. Earl of Ashburnham. 
v. Duke of Sutherland. 
v. Lord Grenville. 
v. Earl Spencer. 

v. Earl of Hardwicke. 

v. Henry Bankes. 



1837 Henry Hallam . . .v. Lord St. Helens, retired. 

1838 George, Earl of Carlisle, K.G. . . v. Earl of Eldon. 

William Richard Hamilton . v. Lord Farnborough. 

1 84 1 George Granville, Duke of Sutherland, 

K.G. . . . . v. Marquess Camden. 

1843 Sir John Frederick William Herschel, 

Bart., K.H. . . . v. Lord Fitzgerald. 

1847 Right Hon. Thomas Babington v. Right Hon. Thomas Gren- 
Macaulay (Lord Macaulay) . . ville. 

■ William Buckland, Dean of West- 
minster v. Earl of Carlisle, retired. 

1849 Right Hon. Henry Goulburn . . v. Lord Ashburton. 

• Right Hon. Sir David Dundas, M.P. . v. Sir J. F. W. Herschel, 

Bart., retired. 

• Spencer Joshua Alwyne, Marquess of 

Northampton, P. R.S. . . . v. Earl of Harrowby. 

1 85 1 Sir Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton, 

Bart, M.P v. Sir Robert Peel, Bart 

■ Edward Adolphus, Lord Seymour 

(Duke of Somerset, K.G.) . . v. Marquess of Northampton. 

1852 Sir Roderick Impey Murchison (Bart., 

K.C.B.) . . . . . v. Earl of Derby. 

1853 Henry Hart Milman (Dean of St. 

Paul's) v. Duke of Hamilton. 

1855 Right Hon. Lord John Russell (Earl v. Right Hon. Sir R. H. 

Russell, K.G.) . . . . Inglis, Bart 

1856 Right Hon. William Ewart Gladstone, 

M.P. v. Right Hon. Henry Goul- 

1857 Right Hon. Sir George Cornewall 

Lewis, Bart, M.P. . . . v. Dean of Westminster. 

Right Hon. Spencer Horatio Walpole, 

M.P. . . . . . . i. Duke of Rutland. 

1858 Charles, Viscount Eversley (G.C.B.) . v. William Richard Hamilton, 


1859 George Grote v. Henry Hallam. 

1860 Henry, Lord Taunton . . . v. Lord Macaulay. 

1 86 1 Algernon, Duke of Northumberland, 

K.G. . . . . v. Earl of Aberdeen. 

■ Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bart. . ■ . . . v. Duke of Sutherland. 


1863 Right Hon. Benjamin Disraeli, M.P. 

(Earl of Beaconsfield, K.G.) . . v. Marquess of Lansdowne. 

1864 (Right Hon.) Robert Lowe (Viscount v. Right Hon. Sir George 

Sherbrooke, G.C.B.) . . . Cornewall Lewis, Bart. 

^1865 George Douglas, Duke of Argyll, 

(K.G,), K.T v. Duke of Northumberland 

1869 Samuel Wilberforce, Bishop of Oxford 

(Bishop of Winchester) . . . v. Dean of St. Paul's. 

1871 William, Duke of Devonshire, K.G. . v. Lord Taunton. 
# John Dalberg, Lord Acton (K.C.V.O.) v. George Grote. 

1872 John Evelyn, Viscount Ossington . v. Sir R. I. Murchison, Bart 
■ Sir William Stirling-Maxwell, Bart. 

(K.T.) v. Sir T. Phillipps, Bart. 

1874 Gharles, Earl Somers . . . . v. Bishop of Winchester. 
^1876 Thomas, Lord Walsingham . . v. Viscount Ossington. 

1878 Major-General Sir Henry Creswicke v. Right Hon. Sir David 

Rawlinson, K.CB (Bart., G.C.B.) . Dundas. 

* Right Hon. Sir John Lubbock, Bart., v. Sir William Stirling-Max- 

M.P. . .... . well, Bart. 

1879 Right Hon. Alexander James Beresford 

Beresford-Hope, M P. . . . v. John, Earl Russell. 
*i88i His Royal Highness Albert Edward, v. Sir Philip de Malpas Grey 

Prince of Wales, K.G. . . Egerton, Bart. 

Richard Monckton, Lord Houghton . v. Earl of Beaconsfield. 

■ Henry George Liddell, Dean of Christ v. Right Hon. William Ewart 

Church . . . . . . Gladstone, retired. 

*i883 Archibald Philip, Earl of Rosebery 

(KG., K.T). . . . . v. Duke of Somerset. 

John Alexander, Marquess of Bath . v. Earl Somers. 

*i885 Right Hon. (Sir) George Otto Tre- 

velyan (Bart.), M.P. . . .v. Duke of Devonshire. 
* James Ludovic, Earl of Crawford and 

Balcarres (K.T.) . . . v. Lord Houghton. 

1888 (Right Lion.) Thomas Henry Huxley, v. Right Hon. A. J. B. Beres- 

F.R.S. ford-Hope. 

*i889 Charles Drury Edward Fortnum . v. Viscount Eversley. 
*i89i John Evans (Sir John Evans, KC.B.) v. Viscount Sherbrooke. 
1893 Right Hon. Sir Charles Synge Chris- 
topher Bowen (Lord Bowen) . . v. Dean of Christ Church. 
*i894 Right Hon. John Morley, M.P. . . v. Lord Bowen. 

D 2 


# i 895 Right Hon. Sir William George Gran- 
ville Venables Vernon Harcourt, 
M.P. . . . 

# i896 Baron Ferdinand James Rothschild, 

* Frederick Du Cane Godman, F.R.S. . 

.*i898 Arthur Wellesley, Viscount Peel . , 

v. Major General Sir Henry 
Creswicke Rawlinson, 

v. Right Hon. Thomas Henry 

v. Marquess of Bath. 
v. Right Hon. Spencer Horatio 




Principal Librarian; from 1898 Director and Principal 


1756 Gowin Knight, M D. 

1772 Matthew Maty, M.D 

1776 Charles Morton, M.D. 
1799 Joseph Planta, F.R.S. . 
1827 Henry Ellis, F.R.S. (Sir H. Ellis, K.H.) 
1856 Antonio Panizzi (Sir Anthony Panizzi, 


1866 John Winter Jones .... 
1878 Edward Augustus Bond (Sir E. A. 

Bond, K.C.B.) .... 
1888 Edward Maunde Thompson (Sir E. M. 

Thompson, K.C.B.) 

v. G. Knight, deceased. 
v. M. Maty, deceased. 
v. C. Morton, deceased. 
v. J. Planta, deceased. 

v. Sir H. Ellis, retired. 
v. A. Panizzi, retired. 

v. J. W. Jones, retired. 

v. E. A. Bond, retired. 


1787 Edward Whitaker Gray, M.D. 
1806 Edward Bray 
1814 Henry Ellis 
1828 Rev. Josiah Forshall . 
1 85 1 The duties of this office were 

. v. E. W. Gray, retired. 
. v. E. Bray, deceased. 
. v. H. Ellis, promoted, 
united with those of the Principal 

Superintendent, afterwards Director, of the Natural History 


1856 Richard Owen, F.R.S. (Sir R. Owen, K.C.B.) (Superintendent). 
1884 William Henry Flower, F.R.S. (Sir W. 

H. Flower, K.C.B.) (Director) . v. R. Owen, retired. 
1898 Edwin Ray Lankester, F.R.S. . . v. Sir W. H. Flower, retired. 


Keepers of Departments. 

1756 Charles Morton, M.D. 

James Empson . 

Matthew Maty, M.D. . 

1765 Rev. Samuel Harper . 

1773 Daniel Charles Solander, M.D. 

1776 Joseph Planta 

1782 Rev. Paul Henry Maty 

1787 Edward Whitaker Gray, M.D. 

1799 Rev. Robert Nares 

1803 Rev. William Beloe 

1806 Henry Ellis 

1807 Taylor Combe . 

George Shaw, M.D. . 

■ Francis Douce, . 

181 2 Rev. Henry Hervey Baber . 

1813 Charles Konig, F.R.S. 

1826 Edward Hawkins, F.R.S. . 

1827 Robert Brown, F.R.S. 

• Rev.'Josiah Forshall . 

1836 Henry Josi. 

1837 John George Children, F.R.S. 
Charles Konig, F.R.S. 

Antonio Panizzi (Sir A. Panizzi, K.C.B.) 
Sir Frederic Madden, K.H. 

1840 John Edward Gray .... 
1845 William Hookham Carpenter 
1 85 1 George Robert Waterhouse (as Keeper 
of Mineralogy, including Geology) . 

1856 John Winter Jones .... 

1857 George Robert Waterhouse. 
■ Mervin Herbert Nevil Story-Maskelyne, 

F.R.S. . 

Department of Manuscripts. 
Natural History Department. 
Library of Printed Books. 
J. Empson, deceased. 
M. Maty, promoted. 

C. Morton, promoted. 

D. C. Solander, deceased. 
P. H. Maty, deceased. 
J. Planta, promoted. 
S. Harper, deceased. 
W. Beloe, dismissed. 

Promoted to the Department 
of Antiquities. 

E. W. Gray, deceased. 
R. Nares, retired. 

F. Douce, retired. 

G. Shaw, deceased. 
v. T. Combe, deceased. 
Appointed to the Banksian 

Botanical Department. 

v. H. Ellis, promoted. 

Appointed Keeper of Prints. 

Appointed Keeper of Zoology. 

Appointed Keeperof Geology, 
Palaeontology,and Miner- 

v. H. H. Baber, retired. 
v. J. Forshall.* 
v. J. G. Children, retired. 
v. H. Josi, deceased. 

v. C. Konig, deceased. 
v. A. Panizzi, promoted. 
Appointed Keeperof Geology. 
Appointed Keeper of Miner- 

Mr. Forshall being required to give his whole time to his duties as Secretary (Min., 
Jan., 1837). 


1859 John Joseph Bennett . 
1 86 1 Samuel Bireh, LL.D. . 

• Charles Thomas Newton (Sir C. T. 

Newton, K.C.B.) . 

> William Sandys Wright Vaux 

1866 Augustus Wollaston Franks (Sir A. W. 

Franks, K.C.B., P.S.A.) 

■ George William Reid . 

1 Thomas Watts . . . 

■ ■ Edward Augustus Bond (Sir E. A. 

Bond, K.C.B.) . 

1867 Richard Henry Major 

Charles Rieu, Ph.D. 

1869 William Brenchley Rye 

1870 Reginald Stuart Poole 

187 1 William Carruthers, F.R.S. 
1875 Albert Gunther, M.D. 

■ George Bullen (C.B.) . 

1878 Edward Maunde Thompson 

Thompson, K.C.B.) 
1880 Henry Woodward, LLP)., \ 
Lazarus Fletcher, F.R.S. 

1883 Sidney Colvin 

1886 Alexander Stuart Murray 

■ Peter le Page Renouf (Si 

1888 Edward John Long Scott 
1890 Richard Garnett (C.B.) 


E. M. 

le P 

v. R. Brown, deceased. 

Appointed Keeper of 
Oriental Antiquities 
with British and 
Mediaeval Antiqui- 
ties and Ethno- 
graphy attached. 

Appointed Keeper of 
Greek and Roman 

Appointed Keeper of 
Coins and Medals. 

Appointed Keeper of British 
and Mediaeval Antiqui- 
ties and Ethnography. 

v. W. H. Carpenter, deceased. 

v. J. W. Jones, promoted. 

v. Sir F. Madden, retired. 

Appointed Keeper of Maps, 
Charts, Plans, and 
Topographical Drawings. 

Appointed Keeper of Oriental 

v. T. Watts, deceased. 

v. W. S. W. Vaux, retired. 

v. J. J. Bennett, retired. 

v. J. E. Gray, retired. 

v. W. B. Rye, retired. 

v. E. A. Bond, promoted. 
v. G. R. Waterhouse, retired. 
V. M. H. N. Story-Maskelyne, 

v. G. W. Reid, retired. 
v. C. T. Newton, retired. 

v, S. Birch, deceased. 

v. E. M. Thompson, promoted. 

V. G. Bullen, retired. 


1892 Robert Kennaway Douglas . . . Appointed Keeper of Depart- 

ment of Oriental Printed 
Books and Manuscripts. 

1893 Barclay Vincent Head . . . v. R. S. Poole, retired. 

1894 Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge, 

Litt. D. . . . . . v. P. le Page Renouf, retired. 

1895 George Robert Milne Murray, F.R.S, . v. W. Carruthers, retired. 

1896 Charles Hercules Read . . . v. Sir A. W. Franks, retired. 

A ssistant- Secret x ary, 
(British Museum.) 

1857 Thomas Butler. 

1878 John Thomas Taylor . . . . v. T. Butler, retired. 

A ssistant-Secretary . 
(Natural History Departments.) 
1880 Thomas Nichols. 

1889 Charles Edward Fagan . . . v. T. Nichols, retired. 


1867 John Cleave. 

A ssistant- Librarians ; afterwards A ssistant- Keepers. 

1756 Henry Rimius . 

Rev. Samuel Harper . 

■ Andrew GifTord, D.D. 

William Hudson. 

1758 Rev. Andrew Joseph Planta 
1765 Daniel Charles Solander, M.D. . 

1773 John Obadiah Justamond . 

Joseph Planta . 

1776 Rev. Paul Henry Maty 

1778 Edward Whitaker Gray, M.D. 

Natural History Department. 

Library of Printed Books. 

Department of Manuscripts. 

v. H. Rimius, deceased. 

v. W. Hudson, retired. 

v. A. J. Planta, removed to 
the Printed Books. 

v. D. C. Solander, promoted. 

v. A. J. Planta, deceased. 

v. J. Planta, promoted. 

v. J. O. Justamond, dis- 


1782 Rev. Charles Godfrey Woide, LL.D. 
1784 Rev. Richard Southgate 
1787 Rev. Samuel Ayscough 
1 791 George Shaw, M.I). . 
1795 R ev - Robert Nares 
1799 Rev. Thomas Maurice 
1803 Taylor Combe . 
1805 Henry Ellis 

1807 Horace Walpole Bedford . 

Rev. Henry Hervey Baber . ' 

Charles Konig . 

1808 William Alexander " . 
11812 Rev. James Bean 
18 1 3 William Elford Leach, M.D. 
1 1 81 6 John George Children 
1822 George Henry Noehden, LL.D 
1824 Rev. Josiah Forshall . 
1826 Edward Llawkins . . 

Rev. Henry Francis Cary . 

Charles Frederick Barnwell. 

Frederic Madden (Sir F. Madden, K.H.) 
Rev. William Cureton 
Rev. Richard Garnett . 
Samuel Birch 
John Holmes 

John Winter Jones 

1854 Edward Augustus Bond 

1856 Thomas Watts . 

1857 William Brenchley Rye 

1866 Reginald Stuart Poole 
George Bullcn (C.B.) . 

1869 William Wright, LL.D. 
■ George Robert Gray . 

1870 George William Porter 



v. P. PI. Maty, promoted. 

v. A. Gifford, deceased. 

v. E. W. Gray, promoted. 

v. C. G. Woide, deceased. 

v. R. Southgate, deceased. 

v. R. Nares, promoted. 

v. R. Penneck, deceased. 

v. S. Ayscough, deceased. 

p. T. Combe, promoted. 

v. H. Ellis, promoted. 

v. G. Shaw, promoted. 

v. H. W. Bedford, deceased. 

v. H. H. Baber, promoted. 

v. C. Konig, promoted. 

v. W. Alexander, deceased. 

v. W. E. Leach, retired. 

v. T. Maurice, deceased. 

v. G. H. Noehden, deceased. 

v. J. Bean, deceased. 

v. E. Hawkins, promoted. 

v. J. Forshall, promoted. 

v. F. Madden, promoted. 

v. H. F. Cary, retired. 

v. C. F. Barnwell, retired. 

v. W. Cureton, retired. 

v. R. Garnett, deceased. 

v. J. Holmes, deceased. 

v. J. W. Jones, promoted. 

Appointed Second Assistant- 
Keeper of Printed Books. 

Appointed Assistant-Keeper 
of Coins and Medals. 

Appointed Second Assistant- 
Keeper of Printed Books. 

v. E. A. Bond, promoted in 

Appointed Assistant-Keeper 

of Zoology. 
Appointed Second Assistant- 
Keeper of Printed Books. 

4 2 

187 1 Eugene Armand Roy 

Edward Maunde Thompson 

Barclay Vincent Head 

1872 Albert Giinther, M.D. . 
1875 Frederick Smith 
Richard Garnett 

1879 Arthur Gardiner Butler 
Edward John Long Scott 

1880 Robert Kennaway Douglas 

1 88 1 Robert Etheridge 

1884 Russell Martineau 

1888 William Younger Fletcher . 

■ George Frederic Warner 

1890 George Knottesford Fortescue 

1892 Charles Hercules Read 
Arthur Smith Woodward 

1893 Herbert Appold Grueber 

1895 Robert Edmund Graves 
Edgar Albert Smith . 

Richard Bowdler Sharpe 

1896 Arthur William Kaye Miller 
Cecil Harcourt Smith . 

1898 Freeman Marius O'Donoghue 

Frederic George Kenyon 

Appointed Third Assistant- 
Keeper of PrintedBooks. 

v. W. Wright, retired. 

v. R. S. Poole, promoted. 

v. G. R. Gray, deceased. 

v. A. Giinther, promoted. 

Appointed Third Assistant- 
Keeper of PrintedBooks. 

v. F. Smith, deceased. 

v. E. M. Thompson, pro- 

Appointed Assistant-Keeper 

of Printed Books (Maps) 

on retirement of R. H. 

Major (Keeper of Maps). 
Appointed Assistant-Keeper 

of Geology. 
v. E. A. Roy, deceased. 
v. G. W. Porter, deceased. 
v. E. J. L. Scott, promoted. 
v. R. Garnett, promoted. 
v. R. K. Douglas, promoted. 
v. R. Etheridge, retired. 
v. B. V. Head, promoted. 
v. W. Y. Fletcher, retired. 
Appointed Assistant-Keeper 

of Zoology. 
Appointed Assistant-Keeper 

of Zoology. 
v. R. Martineau, retired. 
v. C. H. Read, promoted. 
Appointed Assistant-Keeper 

of Prints and Drawings. 
Appointed Assistant-Keeper 

of Manuscripts. 

Extra Assistant-Keepers of Departments. 

1805 Horace Walpole Bedford . , . . Printed Books. 
181 6 Antonin Schlichtegroll. 


1816 John Thomas Smith . 

1819 George Henry Noehden, LL.D. 

1822 Philip Bliss, D.C.L. . 

F. A. Walter 

1 83 1 Antonio Panizzi. 
1833 William Young Ottley 
1836 Henry Josi . . 


v. A. Schlichtegroll, retired. 
v. G. H. Noehden, promoted. 
v. P. Bliss, retired. 
v. F. A. Walter, retired. 
v. J. T. Smith, deceased. 
v. W. Y. Ottley, deceased. 

KeepeTy afterwards Sitperintendent of the Reading Room. 

1758 Peter Templeman, M.I). 

1 761-1803 *Rev. Richard Penneck. 

1857 Thomas Watts. 

1866 George Bullen (C.B.). 

1875 Richard Garnett (C.B.). 

1884 George Knottesford Fortescue. 

1896 William Robert Wilson. 

* The duties of this office were in this year made over to the Assistant Librarians ; in 
1805 to the Under and Assistant Librarians ; in 1824 to a Clerk of the Room, under the 
control of the Principal Librarian ; and in 1857 to one of the Assistant Keepers of the 
Department of Printed Books, with the title of Superintendent of the Reading Room, also 
under the control of the Principal Librarian. The office was for some time, and is now 
again, held by one of the Assistants in the Department of Printed Books. 



Printed Books. 


1756 Matthew Maty, M.D. 
1765 Rev. Samuel Harper. 
1803 Rev. William Beloe. 

1806 Henry Ellis (Sir H. Ellis, K.H.). 
181 2 Rev. Henry Hervey Baber. 

1837 Antonio Panizzi (Sir Anthony Panizzi, K.C.B.). 
1856 John Winter Jones. 

1866 Thomas Watts. 

1869 William Brenchley Rye. 
1875 George Bullen (C.B.). 
1890 Richard Garnett (C.B.). 


1756 Samuel Harper. 

1765 Rev. Andrew Joseph Planta. 

1773 Joseph Planta. 

1776 Rev. Paul Henry Maty. 

1782 Rev. Charles Godfrey Woide, LL.D. 

1787 Rev. Samuel Ayscough. 

1805 Henry Ellis (Sir H. Ellis, K.H.). 

1807 Rev. Henry Hervey Baber. 
181 2 Rev. James Bean. 

1826 Rev. Henry Francis Cary. 

1838 Rev. Richard Garnett. 
1850 John Winter Jones. 

1856 Thomas Watts. 

1857 William Brenchley Rye. 
1866 George Bullen (C.B.). 

1870 George William Porter. 

187 1 Eugene Armand Roy. 


1875 Richard Garnett (C.B.). 
1880 Robert Kennaway Douglas. 
1884 Russell Martineau. 
1888 William Younger Fletcher. 
1890 George Knottesford Fortescue. 

1895 Robert Edmund Graves. 

1896 Arthur William Kaye Miller. 

Maps, Charts, Plans, and Topographical Drawings. 


1867-80 Richard Henry Major. 


1756 Charles Morton, M.D. 

1776 Joseph Planta. 

1799 Rev. Robert Nares. 

1807 Francis Douce. 

1812 Henry Ellis (Sir H. Ellis, K.H.). 

1827 Rev. Josiah Forshall. 

1837 Frederic Madden (Sir F. Madden, K.H.). 

1866 Edward Augustus Bond (Sir E. A, Bond, K.C.B.). 

1878 Edward Maunde Thompson (Sir E. M. Thompson, K.C.B.). 

1888 Edward John Long Scott. 

Assistant -Keeper. 

1756 Rev. Andrew Gifford, D.D. 

1784 Rev. Richard Southgate. 

1795 Rev. Robert Nares. 

1799 Rev. Thomas Maurice. 

1824 Rev. Josiah Forshall. 

1828 Frederic Madden (Sir F. Madden, K.H.). 
1837 Rev. William Cureton. 

1850 John Holmes. 

1854 Edward Augustus Bond (Sir E. A. Bond, K.C.B.). 
1869 William Wright, LL.D. 

4 6 

187 1 Edward Maunde Thompson (Sir E. M. Thompson, K.C.B.). 
1879 Edward John Long Scott. 
1888 George Frederic Warner. 
1898 -Frederic George Kenyon. 


Oriental Manuscripts, afterwards Oriental Printed 
Books and Manuscripts. 


1867-91 Charles Rieu, Ph.D. 
1892 Robert Kennaway Douglas. 

Prints and Drawings.- 

1836 Henry Josi. 

1845 William Hookham Carpenter. 
1866 George William Reid. 
1883 Sidney Colvin. 

A ssist ant- Keeper. 
1898 Freeman Marius O'Donoghue. 


1807 Taylor Combe. 

1826-60 Edward Hawkins, F.R.S. 

A ssist a nt- Keeper. 

1826 Edward Hawkins. 

■ Charles Frederick Barnwell. 

1844-61 Samuel Birch, LL.D. 

The Department of Antiquities was in 1861 subdivided into the three 
Departments of Oriental Antiquities, Greek and Roman Antiquities, and 
Coins and Medals; andin 1866 the British and Mediaeval Antiquities and the 
Ethnographical collections were detached from the Oriental Antiquities to 
form a fourth Department of Antiquities. 


Oriental Antiquities, afterwards Egyptian and Assyrian 



1 86 1 Samuel Birch, LL.D. 

1886 Peter le Page Renouf (Sir P. le P. Renouf). 
1894 Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge, Litt.D. 

Greek and Roman Antiquities. 

1861 Charles Thomas Newton (Sir C. T. Newton, K.C.B.). 
1886 Alexander Stuart Murray. 

A ssista nt- Keeper. 
1896 Cecil Harcourt Smith. 

Coins and Medals. 

1 861 William Sandys Wright Vaux. 

1870 Reginald Stuart Poole. 
1893 Barclay Vincent Head. 

Assist ant- Keeper. 

1866 Reginald Stuart Poole. 

1871 Barclay Vincent Head. 
1893 Herbert Appold Grueber. 

British and Medleval Antiquities and Ethnography. 


1866 Augustus Wollaston Franks (Sir A. W. Franks, K.C.B.). 
1896 Charles Hercules Read. 

A ssistant-Keeper. 
1892 Charles Hercules Read. 


Natural History. 

1756 James Empson. 

1765 Matthew Maty, M.D. 

1773 Daniel Charles Solander, M.D. 

1782 Rev. Paul Henry Maty. 

1787 Edward Whitaker Gray, M.D. 

1807 George Shaw, M.D. 

1 813 Charles Konig, F.R.S. 

A ssist ant- Keeper. 

1756 Henry Rimius. 

William Hudson. 

1758 Rev. Andrew Joseph Planta. 
1765 Daniel Charles Solander, M.D. 
1773 John Obadiah Justamond. 
1778 Edward Whitaker Gray. 
1 79 1 George Shaw, M.D. 
1807 Charles Konig. 
1813-22 William Elford Leach, M.D. 
1816-37 John George Children. 

In 1837 the Department of Natural History was subdivided into the three 
Departments of Zoology, Geology (including Mineralogy), and Botany. In 
1857 Mineralogy was constituted a separate Department. 


1837 John George Children, F.R.S. 

1840 John Edward Gray. 

1 8 75-95 Albert Giinther, M.D. 


1869 George Robert Gray. 
1872 Albert Giinther, M.D. 
1875 Frederick Smith. 
1879 Arthur Gardiner Butler. 
1895 Edgar Albert Smith. 
Richard Bowdler Sharpe. 


Geology and Mineralogy. 

1837 Charles Konig, F.R.S. 

1 85 1 George Robert Waterhouse. 


1857 George Robert Waterhouse. 

1880 Henry Woodward, LL.D. 

Assistant- Keeper. 

1 88 1 Robert Etheridge. 

1892 Arthur Smith Woodward. 


1857 Mervin Herbert Story-Maskelyne. 
1880 Lazarus Fletcher, F.R.S. 


1827 Robert Brown, F.R.S. 

1859 John Joseph Bennett. 

[871 William Carruthers, F.R.S. 

1895 George Robert Milne Murray, F.R.S.